Money management charge criticised

The county council has come under fire following the announcement that it will charge people without the mental capacity to run their finances nearly £400 a year to manage their money.

The Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet member for health and social services, Cllr Sally Beardsworth, has slammed the ruling Conservative Party at Northamptonshire County Council following the decision.

The county council recently became one of the first councils in the country to charge vulnerable people to manage their money.

Cllr Beardsworth said: “This is a wicked assault on the most vulnerable people in our community.

“These very vulnerable people not only do not have the mental capacity to manage their finances, but they also have no friends or family willing to do it for them.

“The Conservatives have decided that it is ‘fair and equitable’ to exploit their vulnerability and take close to £400 a year from their personal budgets, designed to pay for their personal care, to do it for them.”

“What is even worse is that they have blatently ignored their own consultation, to which only 11 per cent of service users responded, and the vast majority of respondents said they wanted no charge, or a lower charge than the Conservatives are proposing.”