Models help with war topic

PUPILS have proudly displayed model air raid shelters they gave up their half-term to make.

The majority of Year 4 and 5 pupils from Grange Community School made model Anderson shelters over the break after studying the Second World War in class.

Headteacher Neil Aiken said: “It was an opportunity to encourage parental involvement and let the children do arts and crafts related to the module at home. The results back were fantastic. The way the children and parents worked at it was really impressive.

“We were delighted.”

Parents had a chance to see the finished work in an exhibition at parents’ evening last night.

Mr Aiken said many of the models included tiny furniture inside the shelter and one featured a V2 rocket landing on the house, which was bursting into flames.

Peter Lord, chairman of the school’s board of governors, judged the competition last week, picking out six winners. All pupils who entered were given a prize.

The children studied the war as part of their history and geography curriculum.