Mobile CCTV cameras to be installed to catch the yobs

A new mobile CCTV camera will be installed in Rushden in the coming weeks in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour and flytipping.

Funding has been secured by a community scheme to buy and install the device and they have chosen its first location.

The scheme has been devised by Hayden Flag, to try and tackle low-level crime in the town and the mobile camera will be initially installed at one site, but will employed across the town when problems are highlighted. It will first be installed in Portland Road, Rushden, after complaints of anti-social behaviour.

Rushden district councillor Richard Lewis, a member of the Hayden Flag group, said: “We have had problems of children causing a bit of trouble in the alleyway towards the end of the street.

“Residents have had problems such as car aerials being snapped off, or wing mirrors being hit and also, some flytipping down the alley.

“It is this sort of low-level, niggling, crime that we want to deter with this camera throughout Rushden.”

The councillor said the camera would probably be deployed in one area for a few months but it will be “semi-portable” as it will be moved to highlighted problem areas, when deemed necessary.

Cllr Lewis added: “Hayden Flag is a community group set up to help people in the Hayden ward, which this camera will do. However, as it is semi-portable and will travel throughout Rushden it will help the whole town.”

The funds were raised by Cllr Lewis, Cllr Marian Hollomon and Cllr Barbara Jenney who used £1,350 of their Members Empowerment Fund.