Mixed response on plan for homes

RESIDENTS have given a mixed response to plans to build about 90 houses in a village.

Last week the ET reported that Cottingham landowner Bill Kiff planned to submit a scheme for the homes to Corby Council.

Mr Kiff wants to build houses worth from 200,000 to 550,000 on his land behind Cottingham Hall.

He has also earmarked 20 per cent of the site for affordable housing or shared ownership properties.

Suzanne Jefferson, of Ripley Road, said: "If there's going to be some low- cost housing or shared ownership for people connected with the village then I think there is a need.

"But if people with that kind of money move in they tend to commute and it then becomes a commuter village and loses its identity."

Half-a-million pounds will be spent on improving infrastructure in the village and neighbouring Middleton if the project goes ahead.

Maggie Silcock, of Berryfield Road, Cottingham, said: "I know that Bill wants to make some money and I can see there will be benefits for the village."

If the plans are approved Mr Kiff will donate 300,000 for a new village hall in Cottingham. Villagers in Middleton would also receive 150,000 to put towards a community facility.

Another 20,000 would be made available for traffic-calming measures, while St Mary Magdalene Church, in Cottingham, would get 20,000 for repairs and Cottingham Methodist Church would receive 10,000.

Cottingham Parish Council said it would not comment until a planning application had been submitted.

Mr Kiff, who has written to all 600 residents in both villages, said: "So far all the comments have been positive."