Mixed reactions to sitcom set in Kettering

Parents, the new sitcom set in Kettering
Parents, the new sitcom set in Kettering

A new sitcom set in Kettering has had a mixed reaction from readers.

Some readers commenting on the Telegraph’s Facebook page branded Parents, which started on Sky One last Friday, as ‘shameful’, ‘awful TV’ and ‘rubbish’ but one said it was ‘brilliant’.

The show, which stars top comedy actors Tom Conti and Sally Phillips, is about a mother who is forced to move from London back into her parents’ house in Kettering with her husband and two children after losing her job.

But readers disliked the fact that no scenes were filmed in Kettering.

Sarah Stribley said: “It was shameful. I didn’t like it. Using a town name but knowing nothing about the actual town was just pathetic really.”

Lynn Vials said: “It’s not set in Kettering, as said before just the name used, so not sure what can be said really.

“Whether it’s a good sitcom or not it won’t reflect on town, but whereever they have filmed it probably has better sights and surroundings than Kettering in its present climate so it might make Kettering come out looking better.”

Production company Objective Productions told the Telegraph it would consider filming in the town in future.

The writers and production team visted the town before filming.

The producers said Kettering was chosen because a sitcom had not been set there before, the Kettering accent is more neutral than most in terms of the character of Sally Phillips’ character having ‘lost’ her accent while in London and it is the right distance from London.

Claire Bland said: “It was brilliant so funny but predictable with the humour and plot.

“Can’t wait til the next episode on Friday.”

James Fox said: “Awful TV. Enough said.”

Dave Gooner Smith said: “It was rubbish.”

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