Mix of warm and windy weather for September

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Forecasters at Pitsford Weather Station say September was a mix of warm and unsettled weather.

During the first five days of the month the weather became progressively warmer, with 26.5C recorded at Pitsford on the 4th and 26.4C on the 5th. Sunshine was plentiful, too, during these opening days, with 10.3hrs recorded on the 3rd and more than eight hours recorded on the 4th and 5th. However, cooler weather behind a cold front had already reached most of Scotland and Northern Ireland, and also parts of northwest England and north Wales by the 5th, and this reached the county overnight into the 6th.

There then followed two weeks of cool and unsettled weather between the 6th and the 19th. The daytime maximum on the 6th was 11C cooler than the 5th at Pitsford with a high of 15.4C. The 12th was the solitary rather warm day during the middle fortnight, with highs of 19.1C at Pitsford, but the 13th-17th was the coolest and most unsettled spell of the month; with 12.2mm of rain falling in 12 hours on the 13th. The period from the 15th to the 19th was also quite a windy with gusts reaching 37mph on the 17th and 39mph on the 19th.

High pressure developed over Biscay and France on the 20th, and the temperature climbed to 22C at Pitsford on the 22nd, and to 20.5C on the 24th and 25th. It remained warm until the end of the month with daytime temperatures typically reaching 18 or 19C. A gentle easterly breeze took the edge off the temperatures slightly towards the end of the month.

The highest temperature recorded during September was 26.5C on the 4th, while the lowest was 5.4C on the 15th. A total of 39mm of rain fell during the month and there were only two days with no sunshine.