Minister launches scheme to give company to elderly

A Corby man is looking for volunteers to visit people in the town’s nursing and residential homes who have no family of their own.

Dennis Binks has contacted a number of homes in the town and is attempting to organise a scheme to match up volunteers with local elderly people.

Mr Binks, who is a minister at the Candle of Light Christian Spiritual Church in Corby, said: “I am going to write to every home in Corby and I am hoping to hold a meeting at the St John Ambulance Hall in Corby once I have heard back from them.

“It is very sad because some elderly people do not receive any visitors.

“The idea would be to have the same person paired up with a visitor on a long term basis, so that they can build up a rapport.

“I have already had some people come forward to take part on Facebook.”

Mr Binks said he was trying to gather the names of volunteers before organising a meeting.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to take part in the scheme is asked to call Mr Binks on 07914 270842.