Milestone for Wellingborough runner as he completes his 100th marathon

Stuart Mellows with his haul of medals
Stuart Mellows with his haul of medals

A man has completed 100 marathons in the space of five years despite suffering a heart attack in 2013 and an ankle injury more recently.

As an overweight smoker, Stuart Mellows wanted to find a way of keeping healthy so he took up running with Wellingborough Athletics Club in 2011.

Stuart Mellows has completed 100 marathons

Stuart Mellows has completed 100 marathons

He completed his first marathon at Loch Ness that year and has since gone on to cross the finishing line at 100 marathon events.

Stuart completed 85 of these 26-mile runs in the space of just two years between 2014 and 2016, with the 100th event taking place last weekend in Milton Keynes.

He was supported by friends and club mates who went along to cheer him along on the day, showing their support not only for completing the run but also for over-coming several hurdles on his way to reaching the landmark figure.

Stuart had a heart attack in 2013 and was told by medical staff that running marathons wouldn’t be in his best interests.

Despite heeding the hospital’s advice, Stuart was enjoying the running so he decided to continue with it.

This led to him losing a stone in weight and he stopped smoking completely.

Kim Freeman, who contacted the Northants Telegraph about Stuart’s achievement, said: “He has suffered with a major ankle injury over the last year and battled through some tough times to get to this monumental achievement but stayed focused on doing this for himself and that if an ordinary man like himself could so this, anyone can.

“He will be running the New York Marathon in November this year as a present to himself for all the hard work he’s put into this amazing year.

“We are all so proud of his determination and drive.”