Mildest winter for 27 years in Northamptonshire according to Pitsford Weather Centre

Weather forecast
Weather forecast

Northamptonshire has had the mildest winter since 1989, according to new figures from Pitsford Weather Centre.

Looking back on February, experts at the weather centre said the month was closer to normal compared to the mild and wet January and most of the month’s rain fell on just a few very wet days.

The report says the highest temperature of the month was 14.5C on the 21st and the lowest maximum temperature was 4C on the 13th.

The lowest temperature was -3C on the 16th and the highest minimum temperature was 8.5C on the 21st.

The highest 24-hour period of rainfall was 15.3mm on the 17th and rain fell on 18 days through the month for a total of 38.8 hours, producing 40.7mm of rain.

In terms of sunshine, Northamptonshire had 85.3 hours of sun and the sunniest day was the 15th with 6.4 hours on sunshine. There were five days without sunshine.

The highest gust of wind was 45mph on the 8th.