Michelle Morgan: Delving into the world of Minecraft

Michelle's daugher is immersed in the world of Minecraft
Michelle's daugher is immersed in the world of Minecraft

My daughter has developed a keen interest in a computer game called Minecraft.

Now I’m no expert but, from what I can gather, Minecraft is a game where you make worlds out of blocks, dig caves, fight the odd baddie and use a headset in order to interact with your friends.

Every evening she meets up with her school mates, and together they have competitions to see who can make the biggest house, or the deepest canyon, and it all seems great fun.

It reminds me a little of the old Spectrum games from the 1980s, only of course my daughter assures me that it is far more high-tech than anything from “the old days.”

She’s probably right.

For instance, the other day she was hard at work on building a Minecraft car, and had engineered a way to make it move across the screen with the help of a carefully prepared switch, which she had installed on the vehicle herself.

I was really impressed, and could never imagine being able to design anything like that myself.

I do think that Minecraft is great for imagination, and is a safe way for her to meet up with her friends every evening.

Yes, we used to be running around the streets after school, but in today’s society, that doesn’t happen very often.

Perhaps Minecraft is the next best thing.

Still, I’m beginning to think that she may just enjoy the game a little too much.

When we were on the school run the other day, my daughter started to write in the wet on my car bonnet.

“I love M….”

“Aww, are you writing I love Mum?” I asked, to which she screwed up her face and said: “Er, no, I’m writing I love Minecraft.”

She must have noticed my disappointment because she then turned round and said, “Don’t worry mum, I’ll try to fit your name at the end.”

Wow, what an honour; she is simply too kind!