Metallica still Arek’s growing inspiration

A man whose award-winning garden design was sponsored by heavy metal band Metallica is to create another tribute to the rock legends.

Arek Luc, of Whitworth Avenue, Corby, has been invited to take part in Scandinavia’s biggest garden show where he will reveal the second part of his gardening trilogy inspired by the band.

He took part in the Hampton Court Palace Garden Show last year after Metallica sponsored his I Disappear creation, inspired by one of the band’s songs.

The garden won a prestigious silver award and recognition in the gardening world at home and abroad, which led to an invitation to take part in the garden show at Malmo Castle in Sweden.

Arek said: “The publicity brought me to the attention of David Lewis and John Taylor, the head gardener at Malmo who invited me to design a garden for the show.

“It’s called Disposable Heroes and it is the second project from my Metallica garden trilogy.

“In this design I wanted to show the life of a man, who, as a child, liked to play as a tank soldier.

“Later he gets married, joins the army and dies somewhere between the trees. It’s a very different design from I Disappear.”

The event at Malmo Castle takes place from May 30 until June 1, and Arek will be travelling to Sweden on May 24 to create his garden.

Arek’s first Metallica-inspired conceptual garden highlighted the problem of allotment land being taken up for development and it caused a stir among visitors to the show at Hampton Court Palace.

It was bordered on three sides with climbing vegetables and trained fruit trees with the remainder of the garden featuring plants and a seated human figure. His Disposable Heroes garden, named after a track from Metallica’s Master of Puppets album, will include birch trees and footprints along a pathway leading to woods.

Arek moved to England from his native Poland in 2004.

Although he has a master’s degree in mathematics, he had a passion for gardening and studied horticulture and garden design.

He was tutored and encouraged by former head gardener at Barnwell Manor, Nicholas Warliker.

Arek still works for Morrisons but hopes to eventually make garden design his full-time career.

He said: “I’m delighted that I was invited to take part in the garden show at Malmo Castle and I’m looking forward to building the garden.

“It gets a lot of television coverage and attention.”