Messy issue tackled by volunteers

A clean-up day was held in Irchester in July
A clean-up day was held in Irchester in July

Volunteers rallied round to clean up their community after dog mess was highlighted as a problem blighting the area.

Following complaints from people living in Irchester about dog owners not clearing up after their pets, the Irchester branch of the Labour group started a social media campaign to tackle the issue.

A Dogwatch event was held in IrchesterS

A Dogwatch event was held in IrchesterS

The problem was taken up by Labour councillors on Irchester Parish Council and resulted in DogWatch, a day of action which took place on July 12.

Nine councillors, representatives from Irchester Neighbourhood Watch, members of the public and the borough council’s dog warden spent the day walking around the village and speaking to dog owners about the problem.

There was also an incentive to encourage dog owners to pick up after their pets, with owners given a bone-shaped poop bag holder during the day.

Event organiser Cllr Matthew May said: “We wanted to show those few, inconsiderate dog owners that we have had enough.

“Not only is dog fouling a health hazard, but it tarnishes the image and reputation of those who look after their dog responsibly.

“DogWatch, along with other measures that Irchester Parish Council is planning to put in place, like more dog bins, will hopefully make the village cleaner and safer.”

One of the areas where volunteers spent time during the day of action was the recreation ground.

For more information call Cllr May on 07500 019300.

Volunteers clean up

Irchester’s three borough councillors Tim Maguire, Jon-Paul Carr and Richard Elliott organised a clean-up day to coincide with the DogWatch day of action.

About 20 volunteers gave up their time to clean up the area.

Their efforts included picking up litter, tidying up play areas and cleaning alleyways.

A number of village organisations got involved, including Irchester Parish Council, Irchester Methodist Church, Neighbourhood Watch and the Brownies.