Memory making by Corby family for ‘Logan’s First Loves’ campaign

Logan with his brother Toby
Logan with his brother Toby

A family is hoping to create lots of happy memories with its ‘Logan’s First Loves’ campaign.

Logan was born in March 2013 but just before he was five-months-old, he unexpectedly had a huge seizure during which he stopped breathing.

Since then, the youngster from Corby has been diagnosed with multiple conditions.

He has a very rare chromosome deletion, and is one of just two cases documented to have this size of deletion in the world.

Although it is not certain, this is the likely cause of his faltering growth, hypotonia, microcephaly and global developmental delay.

In the months following the onset of Logan’s seizures, they became relentless and drug-resistant.

Just a day before Logan turned one, the family was told that Logan also had migrating partial seizures in infancy (MPSI).

MPSI is a rare type of Epilepsy, which is believed to affect fewer than 100 children worldwide.

There is no cure for MPSI yet, and management is principally one of symptom control to try and keep the child’s quality of life as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Family and friends have been rallying round to support them, including fundraising to be able to buy a specialist car seat and buggy for Logan.

Team Logan, made up of Logan’s parents Wendy and Darren and brother Toby, keeps family, friends and well-wishers updated on Logan’s progress on their Facebook page.

Supporters from all over the world are following his journey online, but there is also lots of support in Corby.

PC Mark Walker from Corby SCT not only helped make a wish come true for Logan’s brother Toby to ride in a police car, but he also got to lead Corby carnival in July.

Toby got lots of smiles and waves as he was driven around Corby with Love For Logan posters in the car windows, as well as a big hug with his brother along the route.

Mum Wendy said: “PC Mark Walker was incredibly thoughtful to organise this for Toby, so we are very grateful.”

The family is hoping to create lots of happy memories for Logan.

A message posted on Team Logan’s Facebook page at the start of August said: “We haven’t posted an update for a little while so we thought this was owed to Logan’s lovely followers.

“We have thankfully managed to make Logan a lot more comfortable again by increasing his morphine patches.

“He’s now on 25mcg per hour.

“Within two days of the extra patch going on, Logan’s beautiful smiles had returned and aside from a few more unsettled days, we have generally had a very good few weeks with him.

“We are so grateful for this as it has meant we have had lots of opportunities at making a good start on our ‘Logan’s First Loves’ campaign.

“This is our version of the traditional bucket list, and is very important to our family as a means of giving Logan as many new experiences as we can, and making lots of happy family memories for us.”