Memorial rose bushes to be removed from Kettering crematorium

The rose bushes at Kettering Crematorium
The rose bushes at Kettering Crematorium

A woman who had a memorial rose bush planted at Kettering Crematorium in memory of her mum and dad is angry and sad that Kettering Council is removing them.

Trudy Simmans had a rose bush planted at the cemetery in memory of her parents, who died more than 10 years ago.

But Kettering Council told her in 2009 it was having problems with the bushes, and more recently she was contacted to say that her lease on the bush would not be renewed – and that roses would no longer be offered as a memorial option at the crematorium.

Mrs Simmans, who now lives in Bedford but who grew up in Kettering, said: “I know a lot of people who have roses there and they will be upset by this decision.

“I also can’t understand it. They may be having problems with them but there are lots of varieties of rose bush and all they need to do is find one which is tougher. They are just trying to cut costs.”

A spokesman for Kettering Council said: “Memorial roses have been part of the crematorium grounds for many years.

“Unfortunately the ground conditions do not support rose bushes well and we continue to lose plants.

“Many of the roses were replaced about five years ago but it has not been possible to maintain them in what we would consider to be a good condition for the future.

“Environmental conditions are not what one would find in a typical garden as the area was once a quarry and was filled with sand and sandstone.

“While we have tried different planting schemes we have struggled to find species that thrive.”