Meeting to discuss bus times on estate

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People are being urged to come along to a public meeting later this month to tell a bus company when they most need a bus service on their estate.

Users of the W3 bus in Wellingborough have been meeting regularly with bus operator Centrebus and Wellingborough Council.

Centrebus took on the W3 route when Stagecoach announced plans to scrap it last year.

But Centrebus cut services on the route to an off-peak only timetable, from 24 buses a day to 11, in September.

Now people who live in the areas served by the W3 are being invited to a public meeting with Centrebus and the local authority at 7.30pm on Thursday, April 19, at Kingsway Methodist Church in Wellingborough.

The idea behind the meeting is that everyone who comes along will be asked to write down the times when they need a bus to give an indication of times where there is a greater demand.

Campaigner Carol Atter, of Windsor Road, Wellingborough, said: “The first bus on this estate is at 9.45am and the last is at 2.45pm, and 2.15pm on a Wednesday. We either use them or lose them. The buses are important to a lot of people. I hope people will come along to the meeting. It’s the way to show they do care.”

Wellingborough Council leader Paul Bell said that as in any case of resources being allocated, there was a need to know how many people would use the service.

He said: “It’s a long process with a lot of talking. Now the ladies have gone off to find how many people want to use the buses.

“They are going to their friends and neighbours who use the bus to tell them ‘use the bus or lose it’, and once it’s gone it’s not going to come back.

“If we have that information on demand we can give that to the bus company.”