Meeting to be held over noise from community centre in Corby

Oakley Vale Community Centre
Oakley Vale Community Centre

A meeting is being held to discuss concerns raised about noise coming from a community centre.

Moreen Smith of Violet Close, Corby, has made a complaint to Corby Council about noise coming from Oakley Vale Community Centre in Butland Road.

She claims it has been a problem since the centre opened about two years ago.

She said: “It’s the music that is affecting our houses, you can’t stand out in your garden.

“We have been to environmental health, but we just don’t know what to do.

“My garden fence is right next to it.

“The council have said they are looking into it, but we have just got to the end of our tether.”

She added: “It seems to be the zumba classes that are on through the week and the private parties that are on at the weekends.”

Following the complaint by Mrs Smith, a spokesman for Corby Council said: “We have received complaints from two properties in regards to noise at the Oakley Vale Community Centre.

“These complaints have been followed up by diaries being completed by the complainants and follow up visits on several occasions to the site to monitor noise levels.

“Following these investigations there has been no evidence of statutory noise nuisance, however we have worked with the community centre management who have carried out work within the centre to reduce any noise levels such as the installation of air con so windows and doors can be kept closed.”

Adam Boud, chairman of trustees for Oakley Vale Community Centre, said: “We are aware of the concerns of our neighbours regarding the noise from the centre.

“We have held a meeting with them and I also attend the open Oakley Vale Community Association meetings.

“To address their concerns we have recently installed an internal speaker system, this allows us to limit the overall volume and to remove some of the more troublesome sound frequencies.

“This has been in place for approximately four weeks and after some initial teething issues we have had no sound complaints for two weeks.

“Local residents who have previously complained do have my mobile number and can contact me at the time that they have concerns.

“We are truly sorry for any problems our neighbours have and we are working hard to resolve them.”

The meeting organised by Mrs Smith is being held at the community centre at 7.30pm on Wednesday, May 20.