Meeting tackles Raunds fly infestation

Flies caught by a fly catcher in 24 hours the canteen at T R Lawman in Rushden
Flies caught by a fly catcher in 24 hours the canteen at T R Lawman in Rushden

Residents and businesses affected by flies believed to be coming from a recycling plant have held another meeting with the Environment Agency.

The problem of flies around the Monoworld site on Rushden’s Sanders Lodge industrial estate has been going on for three years and residents and firms have had enough.

About 30 people met with councillors and the Environment Agency at Rushden Hall yesterday.

A Monoworld representative was due to attend, but pulled out at the last minute.

Speaking at the meeting, Mark Sanders told Charles Phillipps from the Environment Agency: “Everything you tell Monoworld to do, they ignore.”

Jeremy Aldwinckle, a director at T R Lawman on the estate, said: “This is now the third summer that my staff will have to spend half their day swatting flies away as they are trying to work, which is potentially dangerous given some of the machinery we use.”

He said that his staff refused to eat in the canteen last year because the electric fly catchers they had installed were catching so many flies they were burning and the small was overpowering, and he added: “I pity the local residents, I can get in my car in the evening and go home, they have it 24/7.”

Templetons Garage is also affected by the flies.

Mr Templeton said: “Last year was quite bad, as well as it being unpleasant when you’re trying to work the flies get in customers’ cars which isn’t great.

“We are getting an increase in the number of flies now with the hotter weather.”

The Environment Agency told the meeting it will look at banning all contaminated organic waste on the site.