Meet-up for mums at Stanwick Lakes

The mums meet-up is taking place on Wednesday (October 25)
The mums meet-up is taking place on Wednesday (October 25)

A special meet-up for mums is being held at Stanwick Lakes next week.

The event is being organised by Hayley Heley and she is hoping lots of mums will join them on Wednesday (October 25) from 10am.

Stanwick Lakes

Stanwick Lakes

They will be meeting in the cafe at Stanwick Lakes, giving mums the chance to enjoy coffee and cake while the children can have fun in the indoor hideaway soft play area.

Hayley, who is setting up the group after using the Mush (mum’s social hub) app, said: “Mush is a free friend finder app launched by two mothers in 2016 to address the issue of loneliness and isolation in mothers, particularly new and first-time mums.

“I instantly resonated with the app - I have two children aged four and two and when my first was born, I was completely unprepared for the loneliness that being a mother at home all day with a small crying child would bring.

“Once the endless visitors left after the first two weeks, I realised I knew no other mums and had no idea what mums did all day.

“Despite being a confident person I found plucking up the courage to talk to another mum very daunting.

“I wish Mush had been around back then to help me at the click of a button to say hello to another mum, find groups of local mums with similar interests and organise meet-ups with them.”

Mush allows mums to connect, meet and interact by matching themselves to others with similar interests and children of a similar age.

Hayley has seen how valuable Mush can be and added: “Mush allows mums to add places in East Northants where they feel comfortable and where they are particularly mum-friendly, such as bringing coffee to the table of a mum busy feeding her baby.”

The app is free to join and it is because of the app that Hayley is organising this meet-up for other mums who want to meet and socialise with other mums in the area.

Next week’s meet-up will have information about baby groups in the area.

Northampton Sling Library will also be at the event to discuss baby wearing with mums.

Anyone who wants to find out more about the meet-up can search for Mush mums morning meet up on Facebook.

And if next week’s event is successful, Hayley would like it to become a regular event.

She said: “It would be wonderful to see so many local mums come together for this first all inclusive meet-up in the area.”