Meet the new Walt Disney World Family

The first Walt Disney World Family
The first Walt Disney World Family

A Disney-mad family and their friends are the winners of a nationwide search to be named as the world’s first Walt Disney World Family.

The Frith family came out on top in a competition boasting 780 entries, and will now enjoy a three-week stay at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida next year.

The winning ‘family’ could be made up of different people, including immediate or distant relatives, friends, colleagues or neighbours.

So the Friths also included family friends from Wellingborough and partners in the 10, who will join them on the trip.

The winning ‘family’ are Paul Frith, 53, wife Anita, 46, and their children Jade and James, both 25, of Westone Avenue, Northampton; family friends Richard Parris, 41, his wife Karen, 39, and their children Leah, 11, and Lana, six, of Burford Way, Wellingborough; James’s girlfriend Ashleigh Sewell, 18, of Constable Drive, Wellingborough, and Jade’s partner Alice Bailey, 25, also of Westone Avenue, Northampton.

Mr Parris said: “We’d come round on a Sunday and Jade mentioned she had found this competition.

“We had a Sunday lunch, then we did the photoshoot for the competition, and then all this craziness started.

“We found out we had won two weeks ago and we’ve had to keep it a secret.”

Karen said: “The fact we can all go together as two families and enjoy it all together is a fantastic opportunity.”

Leah said she was looking forward to the rides, seeing the characters like Mickey Mouse as well as the shows.