Meet the Corby and East Northants by-election candidates

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Next week voters in Corby and East Northants will get the chance to vote for the person they want to be their MP, replacing Louise Mensch who resigned in August.

Here we present all the candidates spelling out in their own words why you should vote for them.

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Gordon Riddell British National Party

I am a 53-year-old father of two grown-up children and work shifts in a factory in Corby.

I was selected to stand for the British National Party in the coming Parliamentary by-election in Corby and East Northants because our party believes in local people standing for local people, unlike the big parties who always seem to parachute in candidates from outside.

Also I am the only candidate in this by-election who stands in council elections both borough and county level. I am very passionate about the town I grew up in although it is a very different place now than it was then.

Neithe of the last two MPs were Corby people and what did we get? Expenses scandals and a romancer. Oh, and thousands of migrant workers, some of whom struggle to integrate with local people due largely to their inability to speak English.

It really pains me to see lots of Corby youngsters unemplyed and just hanging around the streets with nothing to do while they watch minibuses full of migrant agency workers heading into local factories.

So what is the local Labour-controlled council going to do to help our unemployed youngsters?

They are going to make it worse, that’s what!

I quote “The Labour Party in Corby wants to double the population of Corby by 2030, bringing diversity to the town”.

Bringing more poverty and unemployment is more likely.

People I meet every day both in and out of work complain vigorously about the amount of vigrant workers in work for agencies driving down the weekly wage for those of us lucky enough to have full-time work.

It’s time our Corby youngsters were looked after first.

It’s the same with housing. It’s only 10 years since local people had a choice of three houses when they got their first council house. View three houses, pick the one you like and move in. You need points to bid for a house but the chances are there will be some newcomer with lots of children who will get a priority.

Yet again Corby youngsters get pushed to the back of the queue.

The British National Party supports local jobs and houses for local people and that’s why I am standing.

Ian Gillman Independent

Independent who offers British values and beliefs.

Leave the European Union.

Leave the Common Agriculture Policy and Common Fisheries Policy.

Create British jobs and apprenticeships with the £150bn annual savings from leaving the EU.