Meet the Corby and East Northants by-election candidates

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Next week voters in Corby and East Northants will get the chance to vote for the person they want to be their MP, replacing Louise Mensch who resigned in August.

Here we present all the candidates spelling out in their own words why you should vote for them.

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Christopher Scotton United People’s Party

My name is Christopher Scotton, and I am the United People’s Party candidate for the upcoming Parliamentary by-election in Corby and East Northants.

I am a young, working class man who, since leaving school, has struggled with bouts of unemployment and until recently didn’t find a job that I much enjoyed.

My main focus in Corby will be:

To promote the growth of a strong economy.

The state of the local economy is dire. I believe we need to work closely with local businesses, business owners and employers in order to come up with workable solutions for everyone, from simple “Buy Local” campaigns to demanding tax breaks for small businesses in Parliament.

To lower unemployment levels.

Corby has been hit hard with high levels of unemployment, especially when it comes to young people. I believe we need to address this problem immediately and work towards getting more people into work. Stimulating the local economy is central to this aim.

To promote tourism within Corby.

Corby is a beautiful place. I believe we need to advertise this to the rest of the world and increase the level of tourism into the area.

To promote a sense of community within Corby.

Corby has a rich and vibrant history but has lost a sense of community and belonging. I believe we need to work on rebuilding this sense of community and will work with the local people and local government bodies in order to promote events and activities designed to bring the people of Corby together.

I will also be campaigning on national issues in Parliament to the best of my ability, including fighting against cuts to front line services, reducing immigration into the UK, and in Corby in particular, to a more economically suitable level, withdrawing from the EU and rebuilding the bridges between the people and government.

When all is said and done, for too long now people have been promised the earth during election, whilst very little has actually been delivered once the said politician has your vote. Whilst I will not promise to have all the answers, I will say that I will do my best for the people of Corby and East Northants.

To this end, I would like to make it known that, if elected, I will pledge 50% of my salary as an MP (£33,000) to projects in Corby, for Corby.

Dr Rohen Kapur Young People’s Party

I’m a 42-year-old doctor, I grew up in South Yorkshire, and studied Medicine at Dundee Uni.

London has been my home for some time, but I spent just over a year in Northamptonshire, working at Kettering General Hospital, in 2003-4 which is partly the reason I agreed to stand for Corby having at least visited the area a few times whilst I was working there.

I am not a career politician but someone who has felt government interference in the NHS for a long time. I know why patients get a rough deal from the NHS, having seen it from the inside. And like anybody else, I am frustrated with the lack of choice that the three main parties offer.

I joined the Young People’s Party due to the fact that I agreed with the whole manifesto, which can be found here

We are committed to getting rid of income tax and VAT. Currently the government take 50% of your income as a basic rate taxpayer, 20 % at source, and elsewhere through various duties, and VAT.

Our manifesto includes:Ending means testing and conditionality in the welfare system and making benefits universal.

Reducing taxes on employment and output and collecting revenues from the rental value of land instead

Ending taxpayer funded cheap loans and guarantees for the failed banking system.

Our policies are the most liberal ever. The main parties just want to tax you further and spend like its going out of fashion. We are different but much better.

Local policies are to encourage night life in Corby, apart from the usual pubs, the young people have indicated that if they want to go to a nightclub they have to drive to Kettering.

I will fight against service cuts at Kettering General Hospital & closure of the ambulance station and I will work towards improving health services in the constituency.

Why should you vote for the Young People’s Party? We believe that the current system is not working and we would implement change for the better, If you are scared that a vote for us is wasted then don’t be. Do you want your grandchildren paying off debt that is now being accumulated?

Voting for either of the big two parties,voting for a single-issue party or just not bothering to vote just strengthens the stranglehold of The One Per Cent.

Peter Reynolds Clear

A Clear Message To The People Of Corby.

“If you vote for Labour or Tory you will have wasted your vote. It will mean nothing and nothing will change. Please give Clear your protest vote.”

Cannabis Law Reform (Clear) has published its leaflet for the Corby & East Northants by-election. It will be delivered to every household in the constituency and handed out in town and village centres during the election campaign.

Clear states that the cannabis issue shows just how irresponsible and out of touch are the government and the major parties. They take no notice of public opinion, of science or of evidence. Instead they are concerned with the interests of the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries and with scare stories in the tabloid press.

Peter Reynolds, leader of Clear and the candidate in the by-election, said: “Whatever you think about cannabis, it’s an excellent example of how hypocritical and dishonest the major parties are. Vote for Clear to show them that on cannabis and every issue it is the voters and the evidence they must listen to, not their chums in big business or newspaper editors.”

Cannabis Law Reform (Clear) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) to promote the cause of cannabis law reform, with the aim of replacing the anarchic mess of prohibition with a framework of real legal control which would allow proper control of the trade, ensure proper regulation of the product in terms of strength and purity and provide proper protection for vulnerable people such as children.

Mr Mozzarella Don’t Cook Party

Because we understand the real issues facing the real people of Great Britain today.

Don’t Cook Sunday: Since the birth of mankind, Sunday has always been celebrated as a day of rest – a time when hard working families can sit back, relax and forget about daily chores, without feeling guilty. In recent years however, a disturbing trend has been growing in the UK, with more and more people wasting their precious Sunday’s in soulless supermarkets and chained to their kitchen stoves. Such heinous crimes threaten to destroy our beautiful tradition of lazy Sundays.

The Don’t Cook Party believe that cooking is cobblers and that everyone has the right to at least one day off after a hard working week. Cooking is an awful experience. It’s all choppy choppy, messy messy – not to mention antisocial! If elected, we will fight hard and dirty to give you back your Sundays. Hail Don’t Cook Sundays!

Stop Giving Our Valiant Takeaway Drivers a Bumpy Ride! Takeaway delivery drivers, whether they are aboard a car, moped, husky driven sleigh or stretched hummer, all suffer from time-to-time the plague of speed bumps on the road. These mini Everest’s do all kinds of damage, causing turbulence to our precious takeaway and often hindering our courageous drivers in their quest to get our prized dinner to us piping hot, in one piece and, most importantly of all, on time. Don’t Cook Party will campaign to place a ban on speed bumps in takeaway delivery hotspots, allowing takeaway drivers to fulfil their duty without bother and danger.

Panmnesty for Useless Kitchen Gadgets: Research has shown that UK households waste a whopping £2.08bn a year on kitchen gadgets that never get used. Take the cherry pitter, sweetcorn slicer and melon baller, for example. Clever inventions but a daily necessity…really? With the economy and British households under such strain, we believe this irresponsible spending must stop and that our precious pounds are better spent elsewhere.

If elected, Don’t Cook Party will campaign for a new law that will ensure all ridiculous kitchen gadgets are sent to the Useless Utensil Factory and recycled to make more useful stuff, like takeaway delivery scooters.

A Future for Pan-Pong: With so many useless pots and pans lying around, we believe the British public should be encouraged to take up pan-pong, the future of racket sports (sports that make a racket) and put the UK in pole position when it becomes an Olympic sport. If elected, we will motivate the UK to embrace this sport and take our passion for the game to Brazil 2016. We will inspire the British team to win even more gold medals and declare a national holiday for everyone to play pan-pong.

New Guidelines for Food Cooked and Presented on Television: No longer should celebrity and television chefs be allowed to encourage the nation to try cooking tricky recipes and mislead us about the amount of time it takes to cook. It’s time they started taking responsibility for the humiliation and rage they cause us – not to mention the mess they cause in our kitchens as a result of their barking mad recipes. They conveniently forgot to take into account the time it takes to clean up the kitchen when they promise a three course meal in just 15 minutes.

Don’t Cook Party will ensure that all meals presented on television (and later printed in cookbooks) will display accurate and realistic guidelines on preparation time and cost.

Wage Equality for Chefs: Chefs should be rewarded fairly for the service they provide – quality food on request. The difference in pay between “celebrity chefs” who constantly litter our television screens with false promises of delicious meals in as little as 15 minutes; and the courageous chefs who cook tirelessly to provide delicious meals to us on a daily basis, not just for six-weekly TV seasons, is unfair and must be corrected.

Protection from Hard Root Vegetables: A recent report found that 88% of the British public have injured themselves whilst cooking at home, 67% of these injuries occurring whilst preparing vegetables. If elected, I will place a ‘danger tax’ on the most dangerous ‘squashspects’ in the kitchen, such as the weighty pumpkin and the perilous swede, in an attempt to protect the British public from further risk and highlight the dangers of cooking at home.

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