Meet the Corby and East Northants by-election candidates

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Next week voters in Corby and East Northants will get the chance to vote for the person they want to be their MP, replacing Louise Mensch who resigned in August.

Here we present all the candidates spelling out in their own words why you should vote for them.

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Jonathan Hornett The Green Party

Thanks to the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour our economy is in turmoil, leaking jobs and eating into pensions and savings.

It’s so obvious that business as usual doesn’t work. We have to build a sustainable economy and society, otherwise there’s no future for anyone.

Unlike the other parties, we argue that increases in taxation for the better off are required, to close the gap between rich and poor. We also want increases in environmental taxes to discourage environmentally damaging activity. We will create a fair and sustainable economy for a healthier, more equal society.

Our major and immediate priority is the creation of an extra million jobs and training places. A package of measures would include workforce training, investment in public transport, insulation, social housing, renewable energy and waste management.

The Green Party think it’s unfair that the health of the people of Corby and East Northamptonshire is put at risk by this government’s hospital cuts. Corby already lacks many health care services; taking them from Kettering General Hospital would cause local people to travel even further for specialist and emergency services, increasing health risks, journey times and vehicle emissions. We are against cuts to local services; we want more health services for Corby!

It’s a scandal that Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems are happy to risk local people’s health by dumping radioactive waste at Kingscliffe. We want it stopped and any nuclear waste already there removed. We would also stop the new Trident replacements being built and kill off nuclear energy.

We all need electricity and local renewable energy sources including wind farms to be built because the alternatives like nuclear are not viable. I helped the New Albion Wind Farm to get approved because this area needs secure, sustainable electricity generation.

The Green Party wants to see the hunting ban extended and properly enforced. We will stop the badger cull; evidence proves a cull will not stop bovine TB.

We will stop building houses and warehouses on green field sites, Labour’s ‘North-Londonshire’ will soon be a reality and our countryside will be lost if the destruction of our county is not stopped.

I will turn the speed cameras and streetlights back on to make our roads safer. I will promote local businesses, services, public transport and cycling schemes; I will help and support local people in making Corby and East Northamptonshire safer, cleaner and greener.

David Wickham English Democrats

The English Democrats have mobilised their election campaign in Corby & East Northamptonshire and so far, days of action have seen the campaign “battlebus” touring all over the constituency providing a locally uplifting feel and a visual face to it all.

David Wickham, The English Democrat local candidate who lives & works in Corby said, “I am exceptionally lucky in that the election team are all passionate & focused around winning this election not only in terms of the local issues facing us but the national issues as well. This will be a campaign that determines the mood of the nation and it will allow the voters of Corby & East Northamptonshire to send a very clear message to the career politicians that enough is enough, we need to embrace common sense policies and fix our own problems before meddling in others. My team are here to ensure that message is put across in a clear, precise & honest manner.

It truly is a great team and we genuinely are having a fantastic time getting the message out there canvassing in Oundle, Irthlingborough, Thrapston and Corby and many other parts on the campaign trail have provided excellent & fun interaction with the voters and residents as a whole”.

Now that the official nominations have been registered the campaign team will be moving up a gear. The serious work has begun with local radio interviews already with BBC Northampton & Anglia, & Corby Radio which can be seen and heard on our CorbyEngDem YouTube channel, a hustings at the Pen Green Centre in Corby regarding childcare & family policies all promising to allow us to get our message across to the voters of Corby, and also a briefing meeting to which all are invited on the 10th November at the Cube to discuss the referendum on Scottish independence. Robin Tilbrook our Chairman is expected to attend. Issues for the people of Corby and East Northamptonshire are crucial of course and we aim to address those whilst challenging and improving equally important matters that are having the most dramatic and destructive effect on the country as a whole, namely the EU, mass uncontrolled immigration driving down wages and fracturing the country socially, culturally and economically through the relentless extra pressures placed upon our nation’s infrastructure and general wellbeing.

While disappointed at being excluded from the debate organised by Oundle School last Sunday evening, chaired by Michael Crick of Channel 4, it only goes to highlight the narrow choice in politics that the electorate are actively given where the Westminster three-party mainstream political class in effect act as one in all but name. English Democrats know that the deepest problems facing this country virtually all stem from the EU which those parties all support our continuing submersion, entanglement and eventual entrapment into. Why? Because they are paid to do so, as existing MEP’s are also and clearly think their own careers and personal futures are more important than the peoples of England. We would prefer that the £53 million per day be spent in England rather than disappearing into an unaccountable and largely discredited superstate intent on dismantling the sovereign identities and cultural makeup of Europe whilst consigning England to the history books post their ‘regionalisation plan’ of our lands.

If Corby and the rest of England truly want to stand up to all this and be counted, then there is only one choice to make and that is David Wickham and the English Democrats on November 15th.

Adam Lotun Democracy 2015

Hi, my name is Adam Lotun. I’m standing as a candidate in the Corby by-election, together with Democracy 2015, whose values and beliefs I share and support. I want to help restore the public’s respect, confidence and trust in British politics.


I am a family man with traditional values and a passion for helping others. I feel disillusioned with politicians and the current political system, and believe something needs to be done to give politics back to the people. My early career included stints working for the NHS, in a factory and in the IT industry, where I had a workplace accident in 1991.

Since returning to work, I have spent some time in the Civil Service, specialising in workplace disability employment issues. In June 2008 I was appointed Operations Director of Workplace Disability Adjustments, heading up their comprehensive and experienced team of advisors. After the Coalition government came to power in 2010, disability rights reached the mainstream media; I have since spoken on many radio and television programmes about the issues.

As a disability rights campaigner, I have fought for greater rights for disabled people, and I am shocked at how out-of-touch and incompetent the current political class are. I want to put an end to this, and allow people to reclaim their democratic rights. Local people can talk to me about ideas that they think I should consider including in my manifesto, and I will listen to residents and act on local concerns. I do not hold any particularly left, right or centrist leanings, instead championing policies that can benefit all of society.


Below I include my proposals for tackling five of the most pressing issues we face:

Employment: Job Centres need to provide people with practical, one-to-one support--rather than just money and “good luck”

Education: A system fair and equal to all--placing value on a wide range of disciplines and skills for all

The NHS: Should look after EVERYBODY’S health--we must put an end to reforms that privatise services and cut jobs

Communities: return local beat officers and patrols--so people feel safer interacting within their neighbourhoods

Industry: we must embrace our potential for a booming national car industry--given its proud tradition, Corby can share in this phenomenon!

If you agree with at least three of these points, vote for me and together we can bring politics back to the people!

Dave Bishop Elvis Loves Pets

if I am elected I will do my best to raise the issue of vets fees in the house of commons.

There are lots of programmes on television like Animal Hospital etc.

But not many programmes that highlight the cost of the treatment.

I have spoken to many pet owners in my home town Nottingham and in the pubs of Corby who are fed up with how much some vets charge for their services.

If I don’t get elected I will ask the new MP for Corby to raise this issue with the government because it has been sadly neglected by the media.

To see my full manifesto see