Meet the Corby and East Northants by-election candidates

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Next week voters in Corby and East Northants will get the chance to vote for the person they want to be their MP, replacing Louise Mensch who resigned in August.

Here we present all the candidates spelling out in their own words why you should vote for them.

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Andy Sawford

The choice is clear: Do you want a local champion like me, who’ll listen to your concerns, work hard to attract new jobs and investment and fight to protect services at our local hospital? Or do you want another Cameron Cheerleader for more failed Conservative policies – like cutting taxes for millionaires while making millions of ordinary families pay more?

I didn’t just arrive here for this election – I’m a Northamptonshire lad and can trace my roots in East Northants back at least eight generations. Labour lost here last time, so it will be a really tough fight, but I’m knocking on every door, listening to every local resident, showing people here that Labour has changed and determined to earn your trust.

I’m proud to be part of Ed Miliband’s One Nation Labour mission to rebuild Britain into a country where everyone has a stake and where prosperity is fairly shared. Two years of failed Tory policies are hitting local families and businesses hard. Unemployment has risen and the number of young people out of work locally has soared.

David Cameron promised to cut the deficit, not the NHS. But borrowing is going up, there are 6,000 fewer nurses, and patients are waiting longer for services like A&E. He claimed Kettering Hospital was safe. But the Corby Telegraph published an official report which confirmed Kettering is at risk of a major downgrade in A&E, maternity and children’s services - and the loss of up to 515 of its 658 beds.My children were born at Kettering Hospital. It’s where they took my granddad when he had a heart attack. My family, like yours, relies on Kettering Hospital.Rather than standing up for local people, the Tories have spent this election shamelessly trying to deny the risk to local services.

I’m pledging to continue the fight to save services at our hospital and fight for better services in Corby and East Northants as well. I’ll work with local businesses to bring more jobs and investment to the area. I know how concerned local people are about immigration, so I’ll work to tackle the problems caused by agencies only hiring from overseas. I’ll work hard to help families and pensioners and battle to keep the police on the streets. Most of all, I will always put local people and this area first. If local people put their trust in me, I’ll keep my promises - I won’t let them down.

Christine Emmett

Having lived in the area for over 20 years, it would be an honour to serve the communities I know so well as your local MP.

Growing up in Liverpool, I attended a comprehensive school before going on to Manchester University. I started my working life as an auxiliary nurse, before joining Marks & Spencer as a buyer and then British Rail, where I was responsible for the management of the £450 million procurement budget for the Channel Tunnel project. Much can be achieved with hard work and I will help Corby and East Northamptonshire to reach its full potential.

I believe it’s important to be active in local charity work, and have recently raised funds for the Prince’s Trust and Restless Development, as well as helping raise £63,000 to halt the closure of a local GP’s surgery and library. As your MP, I would do more of the same.

Over the last few weeks and months I have travelled the length and breadth of the constituency meeting local people and listening to their views and concerns. As a former auxiliary nurse, I believe in the NHS and will work hard to protect and enhance local healthcare services such as the brand new Urgent Care Centre in Corby. At the same time, I promise to do what is best for the NHS, rather than worry people by scaremongering as the opposition has done throughout this campaign.

I have visited many local businesses throughout the constituency, both large and small, and seen for myself the hard work and the contribution they make to the local economy and in creating jobs for local people. I want to use my extensive background in business to encourage and attract more businesses locally, so we can provide more jobs for people that live here.

I am passionate about encouraging our young people reach their full potential and that is why I am holding a jobs fair with local secondary schools to help young people know what options they have after school and how to get the skills they need to start an apprenticeship or get a job.

I will provide real local leadership, standing up for the people of Corby and East Northants and being a strong voice for the community in Parliament rather than a Westminster voice in Corby and East Northants.

Jill Hope

I have lived in Northamptonshire for over 35 years and have a history of helping young people find employment. I now work in Corby and Kettering as a business advisor, working with small and medium sized businesses getting them off the ground and growing.

Whilst working at Connexions I advised young people on their career development. This is something that I still feel strongly about. I believe that young people need the best opportunities to strive for. As a mother and grandmother I know how important it is that our young people have ambitions that can be achieved. That’s why I want to be the MP for Corby and East Northants; I want no young person left behind.

I am campaigning to reinstate the funding for our Police Community Support Officers after Conservative Bosses on the County Council slashed their funding. PCSOs offer an important service that helps keep our community safe. It is appalling that the Conservatives can find money to increase their own allowances and not find the money to keep our streets safe.

Many people have also told me that they are concerned about the County Council’s plans for our libraries. The local Lib Dems successfully fought to save our libraries. Because of this campaign we all thought they would be safe, but sadly the County Council are now looking at plans that could mean they are threatened again. I will fight tooth and nail to make sure our libraries are not touched by the County Council’s cuts.

Labour are no better. The Corby Cube costs have spiralled out of control thanks to Labour’s mismanagement. They left the country in a terrible financial mess and they still have no answers to the problems they left. But Labour are hoping you will forget all this. They have no new ideas so are resorting to scare stories about Kettering Hospital, when it has already been confirmed that it will not close.

I believe that I offer the only true independent voice for Corby and East Northants. I have a record of getting a better deal for young people, for representing those that need help and for championing the issues of local residents. The last Conservative MP didn’t even finish a full term and Labour have had their chance and wasted it. I will bring real hope for Corby and East Northants.

Margot Parker

I am the UKIP candidate for the Corby and East Northamptonshire by-election. I have a business background working in Telecom to Fashion. I have served 17 years as a Board Director for a British trade association as their European spokesperson covering EU legislation.

I benefit by living in the constituency and understanding it. I started my campaign by listening to the people. In my doorstep conversations in Corby the big issues are jobs, high youth unemployment, and immigration, not enough social housing, together with the general depression of the economy. In East Northamptonshire it is still jobs, unemployment and parents who can’t get their children into the schools of their choice, and pensioners struggling with poor pensions and ever rising fuel bills!

Previous Tory voters are unhappy with the Coalition and see them as ineffective in tackling any of the major issues which affect everyone’s lives. Many previous Labour voters feel that Labour has betrayed them with their open door immigration policy and their gross mismanagement of the economy.

Generally speaking there is a wide distrust of all politicians’ that are seen by all voters as self-serving! The empty promises made by David Cameron who says he will take back 100 powers from the EU. He must know that such pronouncements are just empty words and that as long as we remain in the EU no positive actions can and will follow. The Lib/Lab/Cons know that the EU controls immigration, business, employment, financial services, fishing, farming, law and order, energy and trade. Now it seems the EU seeks to control foreign policy and our taxation!

My campaign follows common sense solutions which are:

End open –door immigration.

Create more jobs for our young people.

Stop taxing workers on the minimum wage.

Rebuild our world beating manufacturing industries.

Stop sending £53 million a day to Brussels.

Give pensioners a better deal!

I support the constituents fight against unwanted, Wind Farms and I am appalled that their subsidies punish those already living in fuel poverty!

Encourage the creation of high quality technical and vocational specialist schools.

Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery and make no cuts to frontline services!

Restore free NHS Dental check ups and eye tests, end health tourism by requiring non-UK citizens to pay for treatment in advance.

A vote for UKIP will deliver you an independent voice in Westminster putting the constituency and people first. If you want change you have to vote for it!

Once elected I will be voting for YOU, the people of Corby and East Northamptonshire and not following the same old party orders.