Mayor gets hospital guided tour

Mayor Keli Watts during the visit
Mayor Keli Watts during the visit

Kettering mayor Keli Watts was given a guided tour of the facilities at the Woodland Hospital.

She was shown around the private hospital’s new theatre, day case unit and its improved high dependency and endoscopy unit.

The hospital has spent about £4.5 million on the improvements.

The hospital says the new development has allowed easier access to theatre.

Tania Terblanche, general manager, said: “It was nice to meet the mayor and show her the renovations and continued investment into the hospital first hand.

“Woodland Hospital plays a key role in the local community, not just as a healthcare provider but also as a key employer in the Kettering area.”

Woodland Hospital employs more than 156 permanent staff, as well as a number of part-time and temporary positions, and was set up about 23 years ago.