May the coldest for more than a decade

Sheltering from the rain in Corby on May 11
Sheltering from the rain in Corby on May 11

Last month was the coldest May in the area since 1999.

Statistics from Pitsford Weather Station show that by May 9 the county’s weather was being influenced by an Icelandic low with most days from then on seeing rain. May 14 was a particularly wet day with a total of 15.4mm of rain being recorded. Apart from some good sunshine on the 19th, which allowed temperatures to rise to 18C, daytime temperatures generally fell away as a north or north-westerly breeze became a feature across much of the UK.

On May 24 the weather station at Pitsford recorded a 50mph gust of wind and there were some prolonged spells of rain. There were some more long periods of rain on the 28th and 29th. Finally, on the 31st high pressure from the Azores started to work in across the UK, allowing temperatures to rise as June approached.

The total rainfall for the month was 56.2mm, which is 98.8 per cent of the monthly mean. The highest temperature recorded was 21.4 degrees C, on May 7, and the coldest was 6.3 degrees C, which was recorded on May 1.

There were five days with no sunshine and the sunniest day was May 27, which had 11.9 hours of sunshine.