Mawsley man “overwhelmed” when people replace £300 after losing wallet

Kyle Coulter.
Kyle Coulter.

A man from Mawsley says he is “overwhelmed” after people clubbed together to replace the £300 he lost when he misplaced his wallet.

Kyle Coulter, 20, was travelling to the bank over Christmas when he lost his wallet containing money he had been given as a gift by his family.

He hoped the wallet would be handed in but was left disappointed – until fellow Mawsley resident Keith Wrigley set up a fundraising page to try to get his money back.

Kyle didn’t have high hopes but was left stunned after the page hit its £300 target within a day.

He said: “I was leaving a shop when I realised I’d lost my wallet. I looked absolutely everywhere for it.

“I was annoyed about the money but also because I would have had to get a new driving licence.

“When Keith told me about the page I was really grateful but to be honest I didn’t think it would raise more than £40.

“I was overwhelmed when he said it had reached the target so quickly.

“Keith asked whether I wanted the money wired to me or in cash – but I’ve learned my lesson about that!”