Mawsley could double in size with land sale

The land for sale next to Mawsley
The land for sale next to Mawsley

A large area of land next to Mawsley is being marketed for more than £2m.

It is being sold as a potential ‘strategic’ development despite being removed from Kettering Council’s development plan more than a year ago.

The 117-acre area to the east of the village is being advertised by Bristol-based developer Land Agent on the property sales website for £2.2 m.

A map supplied by the seller shows that the land for sale is about the same size as the existing village.

According to the seller, the land provides “a chance to establish a sustainable larger community adjoining this recent development”.

The plot was included as part of Kettering Council’s Local Development Document (LDD) several years ago – a document which aims to guide development across the borough up until 2031.

However, a small part of the land, which was called RA/115 in the LDD, was removed from consideration in a subsequent draft of the LDD put together by Kettering Council in 2013.

At the time, Kettering Council said access to the site was unsuitable and that it should be discounted. Instead, Kettering Council included a plot in the western part of the village called RA/174.

In response, a housing developer supplied documents to Kettering Council saying it believed the access issues could be overcome – and Kettering Council said that RA/115 would be reconsidered in a future draft of the LDD, which will be available to the public in April next year.

Kettering Council development manager Simon Richardson confirmed that the land had once formed part of the LDD.

He added: “The land struggled to satisfy our concerns in terms of access to the site.

“As a result we reassessed the potential growth of Mawsley and began looking at another area on the western side of the village.”

Mr Richardson said the next draft of the LDD will be available in April next year and between now and then further investigations would be made into the viability of the RA/115 plot.