Massive lottery win sparks ticket rush

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Punters are flocking to shops to buy lottery tickets in a bid to repeat the Corby EuroMillions win.

The £38m win by a syndicate of 12 Corby bus drivers has captured people’s imaginations and local shops have reported a surge of interest in tonight’s draw. This is despite the chances of a local ticket picking up the estimated £22m jackpot being a staggering 116 million to 1.

Ticket sales close at 7.30pm, so if anyone is feeling lucky there’s plenty of time to try to match five numbers and two stars.

Sales of lottery tickets at Super News, in Corporation Street, Corby, have been going through the roof since the bus drivers’ windfall.

Jenny Veasey, manager of the newsagents, said: “There’s been lottery fever. It’s been non-stop. Everyone’s been talking about the big win in Corby and hoping they’re going to be next. There’s been so much excitement.”

Karen Glover, who lives on the Exeter estate, Corby, was buying her EuroMillion ticket in the shop. She said: “Let’s hope this one’s a winner. I hope I’m next.”

Amit Badiani, owner of Good News newsagents in High Street, Kettering, said: “There’s been a huge rise in people buying lottery tickets, and not just for the EuroMillions.

“The big win at Corby has created excitement all over the area and people are really pleased. It’s been brilliant for business.

“We’re one of the luckiest lottery outlets in the area. We’ve already had someone win £190,000.”

At Convenience Express, on the Danesholme estate, Corby, where the £38m jackpot ticket was bought, owner Uma Patel was expecting a rush.

Dipti Thakrar, manager at Spencer Court News, Corby, said: “Yes, there’s definitely been an increase in ticket sales. People are hoping they’re going to be the next big winner.”

And Kana Gurmeet, owner of Anglia Stores, on the Kingswood estate, added: “We’ve sold more lottery tickets than usual.”

Hemal Patel, owner of The Pagoda newsagents in Market Street, Wellingborough, said: “We’re expecting a lot of sales today before tonight’s draw.”