‘Mass ticketing’ of fans during Poppies game

Parking tickets were issued to fans during Saturday's match against Beaconsfield
Parking tickets were issued to fans during Saturday's match against Beaconsfield

An investigation has been launched after ‘mass ticketing’ of cars parked inappropriately during the Poppies game on Saturday.

Several fans contacted the Telegraph after receiving tickets for parking their cars near the ground in Burton Latimer for the Beaconsfield game.

A statement left on Kettering Town FC’s website yesterday said: “The club was made aware by supporters on Saturday of the issuing of parking tickets to vehicles parked in a certain area.

“We are currently investigating the circumstances and actions relating to this ‘mass ticketing’.

“At this stage we would reiterate what has always been included in our ‘next match’ write-ups on this site this season: ‘Parking (at the ground) is free but very limited. Supporters are asked to park sensibly on surrounding roads and be aware of parking restrictions’.

“A further club statement will be issued as soon as we have concluded our investigations, and it would be unwise to make any further comment at this time.”

A spokesman for Northants Police, which issued the tickets, said: “The local council are quite keen for police and PCSOs to use additional powers around traffic and parking enforcement to pull up offenders.

“What has happened here is we visited the club and advised on two occasions prior to the match.

“We certainly spoke to the football club before Saturday and following on from recent games when people have parked inappropriately near the ground.

“We are working with the football club to establish some sort of parking arrangements for future matches.”

The spokesman said 37 tickets had been given out on Saturday, and added: “We hope by doing this that the message gets through.

“If they are watching football matches, they need to find alternative places to park safely and appropriately.”

Cllr Derek Zanger from Burton Latimer Town Council said a number of people had contacted them about parking on grass verges on match days, and it was something they were trying to resolve.

He said: “I do believe the football club has put something in the programme about parking.

“But having said that, I am working closely with the football club to try and get it resolved.

“We have had one or two people complain about it on match day but it’s not a terrific problem.

“I am working with the football club and I will contact certain people within the town to see if we can get it resolved because it is a community issue.

“We don’t want this community to be upset.”

Cllr Zanger added: “Obviously there are areas which have car parking which we would like to share but, particularly coming up to Christmas period, they are very busy and not available all the time.”

Club chairman Ritchie Jeune said: “Whilst the club agrees that the cars were parked illegally, the impact to residents was minimal.

“We would prefer our match day traffic and parking not to impact on the residents, a point which Burton Latimer Council stressed to us when we first took up the ground share.

“We made contact with all the major companies in Burton to see if we could make use of their parking facilities prior to the start of the season but none were able to assist.

“Moving cars into Burton is obviously going to cause a parking issue for residents near the ground, a situation which we are keen to avoid.

“I have spoken to the borough council who are also keen to find a long-term solution which will provide fans with a legal parking solution without inconveniencing residents.”