Man who had samurai sword in trousers jailed

A COMPANY director who failed to pay his council tax bill confronted a bailiff outside his home with a samurai sword down his trousers.

Abraham Barrett-Black of Stirling Close, Corby, was found guilty of possessing a blade in a public place at an earlier hearing at Wellingborough Magistrates Court.

At a further hearing at Corby on Thursday, the 40-year-old director of computer firm Abetek, who had pleaded not guilty, was sentenced to six months in jail.

At the earlier hearing, magistrates heard from bailiff Jason Reed, who worked for JTR Collections on behalf of Corby Council.

He had knocked on the door of Black’s home on the Oakley Vale estate on July 18 last year but received no answer.

After 15 minutes, the defendant came out of the house and Mr Reed described him as being “very, very aggressive.”

Black swore at Mr Reed and chased him around his van. Eventually Mr Reed got into his van and locked the door, but saw the defendant with a cylindrical black object down the back of his trousers.

He looked in his mirror to see the defendant place the object in his BMW. He then called the police and Black drove off.

Sgt Tim Britton told the court that he stopped the vehicle only seconds later and during a search his colleagues found a samurai sword in the footwell. In defence, Black said the sword was in his car because he had been moving house the day before and it had been left there.

Magistrates found him guilty and ordered a pre-sentence report by the probation service. They then sentenced him to 26 weeks in jail.