Man suffered life-threatening injuries in fire

The scales of justice tipped in favour of 15-year-old youth.
The scales of justice tipped in favour of 15-year-old youth.
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A man who was allegedly trapped in his bedroom by his housemate as the building caught fire suffered life-threatening injuries, a court has heard.

Kasparis Osis, 33, is accused of unlawfully imprisoning Miroslaw Latkowski against his will in the home they shared and of committing arson with the intention of endangering Mr Latkowski’s life.

During the second day of Osis’ trial today, Thursday, June 7, at Northampton Crown Court the jury heard Mr Latkowski suffered 30 per cent burns to his face, arms, chest and back following the fire at the property in Post Office Close, Corby Old Village, on January 7.

The jury watched a recording of Mr Latkowski being interviewed by police in March in which he said that on the morning of the incident he greeted Osis on the stairs as he was getting ready and then realised his housemate was holding two knives.

Mr Latkowski said: “Out of the blue he had two knives in his hands. He told me to be quiet and to kneel, he was holding the knives next to my throat.”

Mr Latkowski said he heard people entering the house and was told to go into his bedroom by Osis.

Osis briefly left the room and when he returned, Mr Latkowski said the defendant told him not to go anywhere or do anything or he would “slash him”.

Mr Latkowski said Osis then left the room and he could hear him talking to another housemate downstairs. Osis briefly returned to the bedroom and at some time after this Mr Latkowski said he lost consciousness.

He said when he awoke he felt a burning sensation in his chest and went to his bedroom door, but was forced back by smoke.

He said: “I opened the door and the smoke came out so I went to the window. I was trying to get out, trying to get some air.

“I was feeling the heat in my chest and lost consciousness.”

The jury heard Mr Latkowski was rescued from the building by firefighters and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

He said he did not know why Osis had behaved in such a way and they had previously had a good relationship.

Osis denies both charges.

The trial continues.