Man’s anger after carers are refused free bus passes

Corey Haseley
Corey Haseley

A severely disabled teenager is angry that his carers have not been given bus passes.

Corey Haseley, of Wellingborough, needs his carers with him constantly.

He has been given a free bus pass but has been told by the county council that his carers are not eligible for one.

Corey said: “I need my carers with me and most of them can’t drive.

“I’ve got a bus pass but the county council has said it doesn’t have to provide my carers with one.

“As far as I can tell they are the only county council in the country that doesn’t give free bus passes in this kind of situation.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The concessionary bus pass scheme is a Government scheme administered by the county council.

“In line with our statutory responsibilities, those with a disability are entitled to the pass which allows them travel at certain times.

“Currently in Northamptonshire, carers are not entitled to free travel under the scheme as the council does not have the money available to provide this extra, non-statutory service.

“There are a range of community transport schemes available in the county which may be more suitable.”