Man offers £5,000 reward for beloved dog he believes was stolen from Irchester Country Park

Ian Bean believes his pet Bonnie was stolen from Irchester Country Park.
Ian Bean believes his pet Bonnie was stolen from Irchester Country Park.

A man has offered a £5,000 reward for the safe return of his dog after it went missing in Irchester Country Park earlier this month.

Ian Bean’s prized beagle, Bonnie, was last seen in the park on Sunday, October 4.

The family have brought in a tracker dog and started a social media campaign to help find their pet, who Ian says is part of the family.

And he feels Bonnie’s disappearance is related to the case of Bella, the dog who went missing from Rothwell earlier this month.

He said: “Bonnie is a major part of the family as we’ve had her from birth.

“We’re finding this very tough and my two children were very attached to her.

“There have been lots of dogs going missing recently and I think lots have been stolen.

“It’s a dark area at the moment but we’re doing our best to get the message out there.”

Ian says the family have extensively searched for Bonnie and he has even camped out in the park.

He added: “I spent two nights in Irchester Country Park looking for her and hung a T-shirt with my scent in the hope she came back.

“We’ve started a Facebook and Twitter campaign, contacted the police and put posters up everywhere.

“It’s only when you realise how many posters there are out there when you notice how many dogs have gone missing.

“I firmly believe Bonnie has been stolen and we are desperate to get her back.”

To join Ian’s campaign, search ‘Find Bonnie the Beagle’ on Facebook or follow @FindourBeagle on Twitter.

If you have any information that could lead to Bonnie’s return, call Ian on 07545474546.