Man injured in fall says holes ‘worse than ever’

John Craighead with the hole near his house
John Craighead with the hole near his house

A Corby man who fell out of his mobility scooter and injured his arm after hitting a pothole just yards away from his front door says it is only a matter of time before someone suffers a more serious mishap.

John Craighead, 70, from Gunthorpe Place, struck the pothole several weeks ago and aggravated an old injury to his arm in the fall, which he says would have been worse had he not been able to catch himself on an adjacent car.

He said he has never seen Corby’s roads in such a bad state and said something needs to be done.

Mr Craighead added: “I have travelled around a lot and seen some roads in a state but I think Corby has to be up there with the worst.

“I didn’t hurt myself badly when I fell, but it’s only a matter of time before an older person falls and hits their head or something similar.”

Northamptonshire County Council says potholes are added to a list once reported and are repaired based on their priority.

Meanwhile, several people who struck the same pothole in Ashley Road, near Weston-by-Welland, last summer, have won compensation claims against Northamptonshire County Council.

At least five people suffered damage to their cars after striking the same pothole and at first saw their claims for compensation turned down.

At the time, legal firm Gallagher Bassett said that the pothole had been checked and repaired and as a result, Northamptonshire County Council was not liable for the damage.

However, one of the claimants, Hayley Nix, said there had been a number of inconsistencies in the dates given to her by Gallagher Bassett.

The motorists, who persisted with the claims despite Gallagher Bassett’s initial refusal to pay, have now been told their claims would be paid by the county council. A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Insurance decisions may be reviewed upon the provision of additional evidence, or at the request of the claimant.”