Man guilty of food hygiene offences

Kettering Magistrates Court
Kettering Magistrates Court

A man has been found guilty of four food hygiene offences at a hearing at Kettering Magistrates Court.

Adrian Walters, of Welford Close, Irthlingborough, trading as Lean and Mean, was found guilty on October 1.

In July 2012, a mobile food vehicle belonging to Walters was operating on Kettering Market Place at a family event with many children present.

The vehicle was subject to a food safety inspection, and the inspecting officer identified four offences, finding there were no management procedures in place to ensure that food was produced safely, that there were no suitable facilities for hand washing, staff were not wearing clean, protective clothing and ready-to-eat foods were at risk of contamination from raw burgers.

Environmental health officials say there is a significant health concern when handling raw burgers because they could be contaminated with E.coli 0157 bacteria.

If ingested this particular bacteria can cause serious illness including kidney failure and there have been fatalities in young children as a result of this illness.

Walters closed the vehicle voluntarily at the time of the inspection.

He was found guilty of all four offences and fined a total of £990 with £15 victim surcharge costs and £1,000 towards prosecution costs.

Walters’s company, Lean and Mean, was operating out of a unit on Leyland Industrial Estate, Wellingborough at the time of the offences but has since ceased trading from that site.

Shirley Plenderleith, Head of Environmental Health at Kettering Council, said: “E. coli 0157 can cause a very nasty illness, especially in young children.

“Improved guidance on how to control this bacterium has been promoted to food businesses both nationally and locally following serious outbreaks around the country.

“The Food Standards Agency has available a significant range of information to help food businesses to understand their legal obligations and officers from this Authority are happy to offer advice and guidance if asked.
“There is no excuse for poor standards of hygiene in food businesses these days and where we find businesses which are not meeting the necessary control standards, especially in an environment attended by large numbers of children, this authority will use legal action to assist in getting out the message that poor standards of food safety management and the associated risks are not acceptable.”