Man found walking along the M1 near Northampton was trying to save himself £40 train fare to London

A pedestrian had to be retrieved from the central reservation of the M1 near Northampton after he attempted to walk to London and save himself the £40 train fare.

By Paul Lynch
Wednesday, 15th April 2015, 4:47 pm

Police had to instigate a ‘rolling road block’ at around 4pm today, a force spokesperson said, to rescue the man as he made his way south along one of the most congested stretches of motorway in the country.

The spokesperson for Northamptonshire Roads Policing Unit said the unknown male was given a lift to Northampton by a friend for a training course.

But in a bid to save himself the £40 return train fare, the man decided to make the 70 mile journey back to the capital on foot along the M1, so he could ‘have a few beers’.

The spokesperson, added that police officers then took the man to Northampton railway station “to get the appropriate method of transport getting home to London.”