Man fined for fly-tipping builders’ waste in East Northants

The fly-tipped waste found in Upper Benefield
The fly-tipped waste found in Upper Benefield

A man who admitted fly-tipping waste in East Northants has been order to pay more than £700 by magistrates.

In October 2016, East Northamptonshire Council’s (ENC) waste officers found bags of builders’ waste left in a layby on the A427, just outside Upper Benefield.

Evidence was discovered relating to a shop refurbishment in Leicester where it was traced to a building company in London who employed a sub-contractor to carry out the works, including the disposal of the waste.

Contact was made with the sub-contractor, Fabio Fortuna of London, who responded to a Section 108 notice stating that he was responsible for fly-tipping in order to clean out his work van for the next day.

On March 28, Fortuna pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to pay a £237 fine, costs of £450 and a £30 victim surcharge.

The council’s waste manager Charlotte Tompkins said: “Our laybys and roads are not for cleaning out litter and rubbish from our vehicles.

“If you have waste from your work vehicle and you do not dispose of it properly then you are committing an offence.

“Any waste material, whether that is the wrapping from your lunch or the materials or rubbish left over from a job, must be disposed of properly.

“Please make sure you take it back to your office, workshop or depot and dispose of the material in the correct containers provided by your employers.

“Local authorities spend vast sums of money picking up the litter that the public drop and these resources could be used for critical services if everyone remembered that our countryside is not a dumping ground.”

Trade waste can be taken to Rushden Household Waste and Recycling Centre on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 6pm.

ENC also offers a trade waste collection service for non-hazardous small items - for more information on this service call the waste helpline number on 01832 742026.

If you see somebody fly-tipping, it can be reported online at or by calling 01832 742026.

The more information you can give, the better chance ENC has of prosecuting.

Any or all of the following information can be really important for any possible prosecution, including the time and date of the incident, location of the incident, a description of the person/s involved, a description of the vehicle used and a description of the waste being fly-tipped.

For more information about ENC’s waste service, go to