Man cautioned after vandalising swan sculpture in Wellingborough

A 24-year-old man has been given a caution after damaging a sculpture in Wellingborough.

The damaged sculpture
The damaged sculpture

The incident happened on Wednesday (June 6) when the man climbed the wooden swan sculpture in Croyland Gardens and damaged it beyond repair.

Police officers arrived soon afterwards and arrested the 24-year-old man who was later given a caution after admitting his part in the offence.

PC Andy Stephens said: “This incident really upset the community in Wellingborough and rightly so.

“I am pleased the man has been dealt with by us, in partnership with the Borough Council of Wellingborough, and that he has been punished for vandalising this sculpture.”

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council confirmed that the police have cautioned someone in relation to the incident and they are not aware that any other council property has been damaged.

And the council spokesman added: “It was a shock when we found out that the sculpture had been vandalised, and we are sad that it cannot be repaired.

“The swans are a well-known symbol of the town – both in the name Swanspool as well as being associated with the River Nene and the Embankment.

“It’s a loss to the town heritage and this demonstrates why being firm with anti-social behaviour in our borough is key to delivering our PRIDE objectives.”

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