Man accused of killing in Spain to face summer trial

Palma, where the trial will take place
Palma, where the trial will take place

The trial of a county businessman accused of killing a father-of-one in a bar brawl in Majorca is expected to start in June.

Thomas Swannell, of Wellingborough Road, Northampton, has been held in a Spanish prison awaiting trial since the death of Gary Vigors, who was from Essex, in March 2011.

Swannell, a scaffolding firm boss, was arrested on suspicion of stabbing Mr Vigors, 41, in the neck with a broken bottle. He was on an annual cricket tour with Finedon Dolben Cricket Club.

At the time, eyewitnesses said they found Mr Vigors lying on the side of the road following an incident at the popular Cafe Plaza bar, in Magaluf, at about 2.20am.

Bar staff tried to resuscitate Mr Vigors for several minutes before an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.

He was later pronounced dead.

This week it was revealed the trial will begin on June 3, in the Majorcan capital of Palma.

The victim’s father, David Vigors, said: “We have waited for what seems an eternity for the date of the trial and now we have got it, it does knock you back a little bit.

It brings back the memories again.

Once it is out of the way perhaps it will bring us some kind of closure.”

Prosecutors are understood to be pushing for a sentence of between 15 and 20 years, if Swannell is convicted of the offence.