Majority of drivers stopped in Rushden were speeding

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More than three quarters of motorists stopped during a three-hour speed enforcement operation were breaking the speed limit.

A group of officers from the Special Constabulary went out to tackle speeding motorists in Bedford Road, Rushden, after complaints about people travelling at excess speeds.

The road is a 30mph limit and predominately a residential area so the Specials spent time on Saturday, October 6, taking part in a speed enforcement operation.

During the three-hour operation, officers stopped 16 vehicles, 13 of which were speeding, travelling at speeds above 40mph.

Specials Inspector Samantha Ryall, who organised the operation, said: “I am really pleased with the outcome of this operation and the work completed by the Special officers who took part in it.

“Bedford Road is a busy residential road which has a 30mph limit and we received complaints from people about the speed at which some motorists were travelling on the road, which is used by a lot of children who are travelling to a nearby skate park.

“This operation was not only about stopping those motorists who were found to be speeding, but also about educating people about the speed limit and the dangers of speeding on our roads.

“The day was extremely productive and so we will be conducting further operations there in the future to continue tackling speeding, something that can have very serious consequences.”

Speeding is one of the crimes tackled as part of Northamptonshire Police’s Fatal Four campaign which focuses on the four most common offences which can contribute to a serious injury or death on county roads.

The four are speeding, mobile phone usage, not wearing a seatbelt and drink driving. The force aims to reduce the number of these offences committed on Northamptonshire’s roads through enforcement, education and communication.

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