Love is in the air with flying medics

The air ambulance
The air ambulance

This Valentine’s Day love really is in the air thanks to Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance (WNAA).

The county’s air ambulance service is giving one lucky couple the chance to win a 30 minute helicopter flight, courtesy of Sloane Helicopters as part of its Love Is In The Air appeal.

The charity, which receives no Government or National Lottery funding, is giving away the prize in order to help raise awareness of its vital need for donations in order to keep its lifesaving service flying.

Stuart Wilkins, fundraising co-ordinator, said: “A lot of people say that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised and a way for businesses to make money, so this year we’re suggesting that rather than spending money on overpriced gifts, members of the public make a donation to our lifesaving service.

“Each year we fly up to 1,000 rescue missions, that is potentially 1,000 loved ones that are still here because of our service. With each lifesaving rescue mission costing us approximately £1,400 – we really do need people to donate to our Love Is In The Air appeal.

“We rely on our supporter’s generosity to fund our cause and that’s why we want to reward their kindness by giving them the chance to win a very special Valentine’s Day gift.”

Rather than a bottle of champagne, members of the public could instead put their money to a pelvic splint – a vital piece of equipment in helping to stem internal blood loss following an injury to the pelvis. Or instead of a box of chocolates, their donation could buy burns dressings, or thermal blankets – again vital pieces of equipment for the emergency crews.

In order to be in with the chance of winning this prize, WNAA is asking people to go on to their website and submit the details of a location that means the most to them as a couple. The winner will then be selected by the crew and will be treated to a 30 minute helicopter ride for them and a partner. The competition closes at 10pm on February 18 and can be found here