Louise Mensch ‘one of 2012’s top female politicians’

Louise Mensch
Louise Mensch

Former Corby and East Northants MP Louise Mensch has been named among the top five political women of 2012 in a national newspaper.

The Telegraph listed Mrs Mensch in second place behind Theresa May but ahead of Nadine Dorries, Hilary Clinton and Harriet Harman.

The list was compiled by Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman who had this to say about Mrs Mensch:

“Keeping your head down isn’t a tactic Louise Mensch readily deploys. Ever since arriving in the Commons in 2010, the erstwhile Corby MP has courted publicity – to great effect.

Whether in the hallowed portals of the Culture select committee or on the glossy pages of a lifestyle magazine, Mrs Mensch has never been far from the headlines.

This has irritated many of her peers, and her decision to stand down as an MP to move to New York so she and her three children can be with her husband annoyed her constituents, not to mention her party – as she gave Labour the perfect opportunity to seize a seat from the Tories for the first time in a by-election in 15 years.

By upping sticks to be with her family, she risks deterring Tory traditionalists from picking other women for plum seats. But there’s no denying that Mrs Mensch has enlivened politics, and given us all something to talk about.”

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