Louise denies leaving before she was pushed

Former Corby and East Northants MP Louise Mensch
Former Corby and East Northants MP Louise Mensch

Former Corby and East Northants Louise Mensch has denied comments made by her husband that she resigned in August because she feared losing the marginal seat at the next general election.

Peter Mensch, who manages the band Metallica, said in a newspaper interview: “In 2005 I moved away from New York for six months because my ex-wife wanted to live in Europe, and it was proved it didn’t run as well.

“Then there was Louise’s belief that she was only going to be an MP for three more years. She thought – and I wasn’t going to argue with her – that she’d get killed at the next election. So, to her, it seemed much more short-term than my job as a manager, which is going to go on for another 20 years.”

Speaking today (Monday, October 29) from her home in New York as the city waits to be battered by Hurricane Sandy, Mrs Mensch said: “I went on the record as far back as 2011, and it was reported in the Evening Telegraph, that I intended to stand down and once I had made the decision there was no need for me to take any notice of the opinion polls.

“I resigned for family reasons and the timing was entirely due to what was fairest for my children. As much as I wanted to, I could not see my term out.

“It’s important that I make it clear to the people in the constituency why I resigned and why it had to be at that time. I was sorry I was not able to see out my term.

“My husband is not a politician and when we speak in the evenings the last thing we talk about is politics. He got it wrong but he has not been reprimanded, he has been placed on breakfast in bed duty.”

Mrs Mensch said on Twitter: “Can honestly say I had no fear whatsoever of defeat at next election since had already decided not to stand again.”

She added: “However, nothing, repeat nothing, influenced the decision to resign other than inability to hold family life together away from him.”

Her husband tweeted: “This is why I don’t do politics. Stick to music.”