Longer opening hours approved for Rushden’s Asda

Asda in Rushden
Asda in Rushden

A town centre supermarket has been given the go-ahead to extend its opening hours.

Members of East Northamptonshire Council’s development control committee approved the application by Asda Stores Limited to extend the Rushden store’s opening times on Wednesday (January 15).

The supermarket will now open two hours earlier from 6am and the store’s closing time will be 1.5 hours later at 11.30pm.

The extra 3.5 hours will apply Monday to Saturday, but Sunday trading hours will remain the same from 10am to 4pm.

Nine letters of objection from neighbours had been received ahead of the meeting.

Concerns included customers using the site and making noise when people are asleep, and the car park lights being on for longer and lighting up the bedrooms of houses nearby.

Rushden Town Council also objected to the increased hours, fearing it would cause nuisance for people living nearby.

Despite the objections, a spokesman for East Northamptonshire Council said the application was granted subject to further discussions with the ward members, head of planning services at the council and the chairman and vice-chairman of the development control committee with regards to the conditions which will be imposed.

In the interests of those living and working nearby and to limit any disturbance which may arise, the following issues will be discussed as part of the conditions:

– Lighting around the site and within the delivery yard during the additional trading hours

– Vehicle movements within the delivery yard during the additional trading hours

– The installation of roller doors across the two existing delivery bays which are likely to be closed before and after the existing permitted delivery times

– The submission of a service yard management plan giving details of operations within the service yard and marshalling area during the additional trading hours

The council spokesman added: “By granting planning permission for this proposal, it does not automatically mean that the store will be able to sell alcohol during the extended hours.

“Asda will need to obtain a separate extension to their liquor license from our licensing team and the police would be consulted on this.

“As it stands now, the sale of alcohol times will not change.”

The existing permitted delivery times are not part of the proposal and the delivery times will remain as they are at present.