Lodges plan for Fineshade Woods near Corby deferred

Top lodge resident Sheila Arden and Forest Holidays' Nicky Sharky
Top lodge resident Sheila Arden and Forest Holidays' Nicky Sharky

Plans to build 70 lodges in a woodland have been deferred.

Forest Holidays recently re-submitted its application to build the cabins in Fineshade Woods, near Corby.

The application was considered and discussed at some length by the development and control committee at East Northamptonshire Council tonight (Wednesday).

The recommendation from planning officers was for approval despite the application receiving 123 letters of objection, with worries about access to the site not being safe, traffic impact and parking, the impact on protected species and difficulties the emergency services will have accessing the site.

The parish councils of Duddington, Easton on the Hill, Wakerley, Laxton, Bulwick, King’s Cliffe and Collyweston parish councils have all objected to the application.

Speaking at tonight’s meeting, Cllr Andy Mercer said: “This application leaves me distinctly uncomfortable because it is a major development in open countryside.”
He added: “It’s inappropriate in size, and I am not happy at all with the impact on the natural countryside there and I am very, very nervous about that junction.”

Cllr Pam Whiting said: “Seven parish councils and over 300 residents have objected to this planning application so we must ask why.

“These are the people who live there and would be affected so we must listen to their views.

“I think this plan is brilliant but Fineshade Woods is not the place for it.”

While some members of the committee were pushing for it to be refused, a proposal was put forward to defer the decision.

Cllr Roger Glithero said: “The reason that I move the deferral is that as I see it, it would give us a bit more time to consider all these matters that have been spoken about.”

One of his reasons for deferring the matter was to consider the access to the site as there had been numerous comments and objections based on safety.

Cllr Anna Sauntson said it would also allow any members who had been unable to partake in the site visit to go out and see the location for themselves.

The proposed deferral was agreed by all but one of the committee so will be put back until a later date.