LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Leader of Conservatives on Corby Borough Council announces he is stepping down from role

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The leader of the Conservative Group on Corby Borough Council has resigned his role, it has been announced.

Councillor David Sims released a statement late on Friday night after the results of the borough council were announced. Labour retained control of the council winning 24 seats and the Tories won five. Councillor Sims retained his seat in Oakley South.

His statement said: “I am writing to let you know that I have stepped down as Leader of the Corby Borough Council Conservative Group to offer more time to my constituents in Great Oakley and Oakley Vale as their elected ward councillor.

“There are some very contentious issues which need my full attention, such as the proposed 530 house development at Oakley Vale and Great Oakley which I am opposing on behalf of the people I represent.

“My resignation will take effect as soon as a meeting of Conservative Councillors can be convened at which time we will democratically elect a new leader.

“Whoever is elected will have my full support,” he said.