LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Labour retains control of Corby Borough Council...full list of results

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Labour has retained control of Corby Borough Council after Friday night’s election count.

The party returned 24 councillors, while the Conservatives won five seats.

The full results are as follows:

ALLISON, Martin UKIP: 785

BEATTIE, Paul Labour:2,112 Elected

BROWN, Ann Irene, Labour: 2,142 Elected

BUTCHER, Mary, Labour:2,023 Elected

HEGGS, Fran, Conservative: 467

RAY, Jackson, Conservative: 581

RUTHVEN, Jade, Conservative: 523

Central Ward

DADY, Anthony David, Labour: 1,221 Elected

FERGUSON, Lawrence, Labour: 1,277 Elected

KEMP, Eileen, Conservative: 538

MAY, Ann Williams, Conservative: 315


BOYD, Ray, Conservative:423

CASSIDY, Colleen Marie, Labour: 872 Elected

HUDSON, Keith, UKIP: 436

LUKE, Sarah, Conservative: 233

MCGOWAN, Peter, UKIP: 413

PETCH, Peter Michael, Labour: 811 Elected

STANBRA, Chris, Liberal Democrat: 751

Kingswood and Hazel Leys

CARR, David Shaun, Green Party: 275

CARRATT, Kenneth, Labour: 1,450 Elected

DAVIES, William Gerald, UKIP: 606

ELLISTON, Elise Rachael, Labour: 1,472 Elected

MAHON, Michael, Green Party: 218

MCGHEE, John Adam, Labour: 1,522 Elected

RODDEN, Alison, Conservative: 399

VON BUJTAR, Les, Conservative: 314

VON BUJTAR, Yvonne Elizabeth Alice, Conservative: 303


GOULT, Lucy Ellen, Labour: 1,887 Elected

GRIFFIN, Sheila, Conservative: 665

JARDINE, Tracey, Conservative: 635

NICOL, Marjorie May, Conservative: 619

PENGELLY, Mark, Labour: 2,083, Elected

REAY, Matt, Labour: 1,849 Elected

Lodge Park

ATCHISON, Peter Stuart, Conservative: 508

BEATTIE, Tom, Labour: 2,033 Elected

EYLES, Bob, Labour: 1,859 Elected

KEANE, Matt, Labour: 1,664 Elected

MCKAY, Stuart, UKIP: 712

MCTAGGART, Jill, Conservative: 609

WOOLMER, Christopher Austin, Conservative: 696

Oakley North

BEEBY, Raymond John, Labour: 702 Elected

COY, Patrick Jesse Esmond, UKIP: 435

MBANUGO, Gideon, Conservative: 449

MCEWAN, Peter Welsh, Labour: 663 Elected

SAYER, Eileen Margaret, Conservative: 564

STANBRA, Luke, Liberal Democrat: 164

Oakley South

CAINE, Judy Dorothy, Labour: 1,647 Elected

EVE, Howitt, Conservative: 1,321

NADEN-HORLEY, Sandra, Conservative: 1,146

PAVITT, Clare, Labour: 1,334

RAHMAN, Mohammed, Labour: 1,382 Elected

SIMS, David John, Conservative: 1,435 Elected


ADDISON, Jean Gloria, Labour: 1,325 Elected

DONNELLY, David John, UKIP: 507

EASTON, Ian William, Conservative: 399

HOBBY, Charlotte, Conservative: 346

LATTA, William, Labour: 1,380 Elected

Rural West

BEECROFT, Sidney George, Liberal Democrat: 86

RILEY, Bob, Labour: 434

RUTT, Robert William, Conservative: 582 Elected

Stanion and Corby Village

COLQUHOUN, William George, Labour: 658 Elected

EWERS, Phil, Conservative: 591

HEGGS, Stan, Conservative: 637

MCGOWAN, Kim Elizabeth, UKIP: 420

RILEY, Julie, Labour: 665 Elected

Weldon and Gretton

MCKELLAR, Robert John, Conservative: 1,201 Elected

MEECHAN, Terri, Liberal Democrat: 500

NEWBY, Rob, Labour: 718

PARKER, Fred, UKIP: 468

REUBY, Martyn, Labour: 454

SCRUTTON, Steven Philip, Green Party: 226

WATT, Kevin Gordon Sydney, Conservative: 732 Elected

WATTS, Bridget Margaret, Conservative: 811 Elected

WITKOWSKI, Susan, Labour:492