Little Stanion mum embarks on plus size modelling adventure

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A Little Stanion mum has embarked on a new career as a plus-size model and has already appeared on television and was named runner-up in a national fashion competition.

Kayleigh Wilkinson, 32, is a mum of three and said that over the years her dress size increased from 10 to 20.

She added: “After years of being unhappy with my size, I decided that instead of trying numerous diets to lose weight I would be happy in the skin I am in. Body positivity is very important to all of us no matter what we look like, our flaws make us who we are and we should all be using and highlighting the features we have.

“I am no way near perfect, but to gain confidence you need to start by loving who you are and having support from those around you.

“Last year I was lucky enough to be picked to Audition and Cast for UK Plus Size Fashion Week 2018 and Ms Curvaceous 2018. Although I did not get picked to model for these shows I kept applying to castings and competitions.

“I entered the Yours Clothing Face of Yours Competition, and was one of 40 people shortlisted for the competition, out of 1,500 entrants. After having photoshoots and making a video on why I wanted to be the Face of Yours I found out that I was named runner-up which I was very pleased about.”

Kayleigh was also featured on ITV’s This Morning where she took part in a fashion feature about plus-sized clothing.

She added: “This all started in late 2017 and am so thankful for all of the opportunities I have had so far. If someone said to me last year I would appear on television, I would not have believed it.”