Little Irchester charity appeals for help in re-homing dozens of dogs

Remi is one of the dogs in need of a new home
Remi is one of the dogs in need of a new home

A charity is appealing for help to re-home some of the dozens of dogs in its care.

The kennels at Animals in Need, which is based at Pine Tree Farm in Little Irchester, are full and currently housing more than 50 dogs.

The charity tweeted this week that no more dogs can come in until some of them are re-homed.

If you would like to re-home any of the dogs or any of the other animals being looked after by the volunteers at Animals In Need, call 01933 278080 or visit the website at

People can visit Pine Tree Farm between midday and 3pm Tuesday to Sunday, but it is closed on Mondays.

As well as having dogs in need of re-homing, the kennel’s bedding store is running low so any donations of blankets, towels and good quality wet food would be much appreciated.