Little Harrowden pupils wear pink, purple and blue in memory of Niamh

The rainbow day at Little Harrowden Primary School
The rainbow day at Little Harrowden Primary School

Pupils went to school in the favourite colours of a little girl who lost her fight with neuroblastoma three years ago this week.

Niamh Curry was a ‘colourful character’ at Little Harrowden Primary School and staff, pupils and parents took part in the annual rainbow day held in her memory on Wednesday.

The youngsters dressed up in Niamh’s favourite colours of pink, purple and blue and afternoon tea was put on for parents.

Headteacher Jacinta Foo said: “It was really busy, we had a great turn-out and lots of parents supported the event.

“We raised more than £800.

“It was a really beautiful day.

“It’s a tough day remembering someone that we have lost but what we choose to remember is her gift and the legacy that she left behind with Niamh’s Next Step.

“That gives a lot of parents hope and that is how we choose to remember Niamh.”

Mrs Foo said the rainbow day was a fitting way to remember Niamh, who died from childhood cancer neuroblastoma aged just five on May 20, 2012.

She added: “Niamh would have loved to have been remembered in a colourful way like this.

“She was a very colourful character, she always had a smile on her face and she loved singing and dancing.”

As well as the annual rainbow day, the school has Niamh’s friendship bench, a safe place where children can go to chat and talk about any problems they have.

Mrs Foo said: “Niamh is a really important part of the history of this school.

“We told the children the story of the midnight walk which raised £24,000 and at the main assembly we spoke about memories and the importance of memories.

“We wanted them to understand that Niamh is an important part of the history of this school.

“This is a story that we want them to hand down.

“It’s really important, especially for the staff and the staff that knew Niamh and worked with her, that we keep her memory alive and support the charity that is her legacy.

“Nothing we can do will bring her back but if we can honour her name and help to give hope to other families and children going through the same thing, that is her gift.

“We couldn’t help Niamh but we can perhaps help others and that is the most special gift.”

The rainbow day raised £836.35 in total.